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Jeff Jones

Certified Elan Practitioner

Taking New Clients

Nevada City, CA

I grew up in Grass Valley, in a community espousing Christian values. I found a lot of inconsistencies with what was being preached and what was being lived. These values taught me that I have a sinful nature, convincing me that there was something inherently wrong with me, and I couldn’t move through it myself. This belief required an external solution to my problems, which always made me feel like there was nothing I can do about it. I found this quite disempowering.


A good example is that my mom was sick for most of my childhood. She utilized traditional medicine to export responsibility of her difficulties to the medical doctors. This had little success. Understandably, this led to increasing the intensity of procedures and expense of the therapies, still with little benefit.


My inner journey of discovery of what I want out of life took me to the Bay Area several years ago. I had great experiences producing music, living in the city, and having fun surfing. But like it happens so often, life brought me back home.


In my experience living with integrity between my philosophical beliefs and lifestyle produces amazing results. It is from this place that I am dedicated to helping people move forward on their healing journey.

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