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I was 9 years old when I knew I was going to be a doctor.  I had no idea the path that lay before me, nor how rewarding helping people would be.   The same weekend I fell in love with Naomi, I learned the basics of chiropractic and healing. During our drive to the Toulumne River to go kayaking, Naomi was excited and passionate about this thing called chiropractic.  Her enthusiasm about the self healing capacity of the body, the miraculous nervous system and how chiropractors enhance life's expression fascinated me.  Once we got on the river though, the only thing that held my attention was Naomi and with complete focus I scored myself a wife! I learned more at Life West where Dr. Anthony Trumain was lecturing for Naomi's philosophy class.  I was on the edge of my seat as he spoke of the Innate Intelligence and its ability  to self organize and heal the body.

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Andrew Downey, DC
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He spoke about how chiropractors, through gently adjusting the spine could maximize that healing capacity.  After class I went directly to the admissions office.  That was 27 years ago.  

After I graduated, with high honors, in 1998 we moved to Chile, South America. We quickly made it legal for chiropractors to practice in that country and set up it's first chiropractic office. Politics and their incredibly challenged social structure helped us decide to venture home.  Our timing returning to California could not have been better. Within a month we purchased one of the longest running Network Chiropractic offices in the state.  I am grateful to witness and contribute to maximizing health for my clients.  Nearly every day in practice I get to hear about, or see a major life change.  I appreciate being a partner in creating health.  I am looking forward to many years of service.

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