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The Elan Healing System recognizes evolution comes through embracing technologies based in rigorors science & cultural transformation. We honor the pioneers of new technologies.

  • If you would like to purchase any of our services you may do so simply by email.

  • Just let us know which program you would like to purchase and which crypto you would like to use.

    • ARRR- zs1jnp0juhgf4jnf3fzjafy5kjsz7gcfq3848ap06df4kxckdfners47slnpg82mm07rgvuv8grypn

    • BTC- bc1qqsuukz4yvutl2g0hd2y47x435kkunzmtymd2ye

    • XMR-43KKs8yv5seZRvwP5h9JRi2v4wNiXc5E8SQ5qq5dBo253PvBqYupLTZ8Xeuh7Me7QBPnt8pn1LMUF2X9g4npuaWJBVDyyyv

We will respond with the amount of crypto needed for the purchase, once that is complete we will send you the passowrd for the program and the specific link. We give significant discounts for crypto purchases to support the underlying philosophy and science.

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