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Clear Day!


A Clear Day! is a day where you find yourself intimately clear with the deepest parts of self and your most expansive subtlety.  A day dedicated to your unfolding journey of discovery, transformation and awakening. A day that is often beyond words, magical at times, full of serendipity and awakened flow state.

Today, I feel an energy of love I have never felt before, a deep connection, a knowingness at spirit level - an acceptance, just pure sweet love. J.L.


A clear day generally starts around nine in the morning and is finished by six in the evening.  Each person will have the opportunity to be entrained at their highest level three times during the day. In between each entrainment we have short programs which are intended to help deepen your experience of yourself and move you forward on your journey of healing. So, it's a pretty full day we will stop for about an hour at some point in the middle part of the program to eat lunch.

This program is specifically for people that are doing really well and want to take themselves and their life to the next level.

I am beyond words.  I have not felt as centered, content, or just plain happy… EVER! S.B.

I have learned more about standing up for my self, asking for clarity, and communicating my feelings and needs, even if it is with tears.  ML

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