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Graceful Health Chiropractic

Center for Extraordinary Living

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What People Say

Jason A.

OK where to begin... all I can say is that this is where people with illness learn what "wellness" truly means, and people who are already pretty darn "well" learn how to harness their fullest expression of vitality, power and inner wisdom. If you are in for an amazing transformative experience, the adventure begins here!

Jenny H.

Extraordinary place and people. So blessed to have found it :) 

Ruth G.

It’s hard to explain the power of their methods, and it does take some time and trust to get the full benefits, but the joy and relief that comes when you do is truly remarkable! I attribute a very successful 35 k run shortly after being rear-ended mostly to the treatment I received here.

Colleen M.

Both Naomi and Andrew Downey are compassionate, talented healers. They have a unique approach to healing along with expanding our knowledge of how our bodies work. They also share techniques to take with us for self-healing. I have experienced many good chiropractors in my day, but none compare to the in-depth healing they provide at Graceful Health.

Meet The Team

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Graceful Health Chiropractic

2260 Thistle Patch Rd.

Newcastle, CA 95658


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