56 Days And Counting

-To the North Face 50k Endurance Race.

Yesterday: relieved I actually made the decision to DO it! I have been in a running slump. And a beer bump (up). Funny how these two correlate. More beer. Less running. -Less desire, motivation, action. -More justification, indifference, headaches.

Relieved I not only made the decision, but also got out on the trail. Truly, I have been wondering if it is worth the effort- of training, and also, even just the effort of making up my mind. Because it's more than making up my mind, it's waiting for the desire and/or inspiration to pull me forward, out of this slump. That is such a critical ingredient. This I have been waiting for.

So, yesterday morning, 56 days to the race- I really refer to it at a run...the only one I am actually competing with is myself. And, as it seems to be, the real struggles can be way before an event. The real questions: Am I even up for it? Am I willing to commit? Do I WANT to do it?

Yesterday, when I asked myselft, or rather, when I put it to the Committee- the vote, nearly unanimous, was Yes! Ah, the relief of an answer. The relief of being inspired to move forward again.

I am now in training mode. Now I will hydrate myself EVERY day. I will stretch. I will, of course, run regularly. I will enjoy ONLY one beer or glass of wine. Only on weekends?

a rare, inspired run on the PCT, south of Donner Summit

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