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Training is organized into 5 levels. Levels 1, 2 & 3 are designed to help individuals increase inner clarity, personal power and know their life purpose. While levels 4 & 5 have been developed to deeply educate people regarding health, human development and to train healing facilitators.


Lv1, Lv2 & Lv3 are best to do in order. They are broken up into levels because they are each a significant body of personal work that are distinct from each other.


Lv1 - ​For most people the Lv1 program is the most valuable program we offer. The skillset taught in the Lv1 program will fill the needs for most people, truely giving them skills for self mastery. This online program has been developed to assist an individual on their inner journey of discovery through enhanced body connection. This is a 10 part video series combined with individual telehealth guidance. Each participant will have a certified level 1 Elan Healing facilitator guiding them through the month long program. More info...

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​Lv2 - The Lv2 program is designed for a person to deeply understand why they are on the planet and to gently hold them accountable for their forward progress toward that aim. This is a two month, on-line mentoring module. Decades of assisting people with attaing their goals, suggests that the Lv1 experience is necessary to deeply extract your realization of you best life. The cost of the Lv1 program is included in the price of this program.  More info...

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The Lv3 program simply, yet profoundly, provides the evolutionary personal skills to maintain the energy and consciousness required to integrate your best life. The cost of the Lv1 program is included in the price of this program.  More info...

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Lv4 is a stand alone program with no prerequesets. It is optimized for an individual to quickly understand how to take the best care of themselves and their family. It is 150 hours of live learning that will significantly enhance one's ability to make descisions regarding life, health and the persuit of  the extraordinary life. It is valuable to know that if a person jumps into this Lv4 program, included in the cost of tuition are the Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3 programs.

The level 5 program is truly for the individual who wants to serve their community by utilizing the Elan Healing System. Our intention in offering this program is for a person to take this education and skill set and open an office with the intention of taking care of the people in their community.  Truly becoming a healing facilitator. The tuition costs for the level 5 program include all four previous programs.

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