Adventure Quest 2019

For 15 years I have been consumed by the possibility of merging deep transformation with serious adventure.  Through these years of planning and preparation, I believe I have worked through about 90% of the difficulties to bring you a world class experience.  This adventure is optimized for you to powerfully grow, amplify your spirituality and have a blast doing so!

Wellness education is an integral portion of this amazing trip.  Wellness is strongly corolated with living a life based on meaningful purpose, and meaningful purpose is unique to the individual.  So the key is to inspire and teach the mechanisms of self understanding. 

  • 1 Epic Trip

  • 9 Days

  • 12 Hours Training in Evolutionary Personal Care

  • 18 Hours of Lecture

  • 39 Wilderness Miles

  • Loads of great food

My ideal client for this adventure quest is a young man who is developing strength and certanty in themselves, 

3 spots available as of 7/11/19

Dates: August 24th to September 1st

$5000 if paid by June 15th

$5500 if paid by July 15th

$6000 if paid by August 15th

We will gather the morning of the 24th at Graceful Health... center for extraordinary living at 10am. 

To jump in, call Andrew Downey at 916.708.0686

Throw and go 1

Hayden and Michael on a feasibility project September 2017.

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