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Welcome to ELAN

A resource for people healing, growing and embracing new traditions in health care. Where a person acknowledges their role in creating their body, supporting their expression and answering their spiritual call. It is from this place that ELAN Healing springs forth. Bringing you down to Earth technologies to embrace and embody a new vision of health and wellness.

Integral Neurology - a dynamic art form of light touch which develops the brain, restructures the body and invites new possibilities for greater life effectiveness. We chose the word Integral to depict this aspect of ELAN because the word speaks of integrity and integration. Two human qualities which are central to how we view healing. Integrity - a solid dependable structure. This could be your body, your emotions, your psychology or your actions. Integration - The ability to include a skill into your day/life. Many traditions in health and healing speak of an innate intelligence or body wisdom. It is the part of all of us that our highest good comes from and our best life springs forth. Integral Neurology sets innate on fire. It creates the situation neurologically where a person becomes connected to their body wisdom. Deep, meaningful answers and insights are experienced. As a person listens, feels and sees their body with greater clarity they make healthier choices. And due to the fact that having health, vitality and an extraordinary life is simply a series of healthy choices - that is the natural outcome.

Evolutionary Personal Care (EPC) - a form of breath work which is simple, profound and effective. EPC is the system of choice for self care. EPC is taught at all ELAN Studios. The exercises are easy to learn and when applied can instantaneously change your experience of life. For example, a person could move themselves from experiencing a state of panic to one of safety or from apathetic to powerful. Having the tools to shift your state of consciousness gives you a very real advantage in life. The life advantages learned through EPC help you embody the life you would love to have, gracefully and efficiently. This can sound too good to be true, and we all know the adage- “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” These are wise words to live by, yet, I have found that often simple new skills transform lives. I believe the key is where the responsibility lies: When you learned to ride a bike, in many cases it was your mom or dad’s responsibility to give you supportive instruction and hold you up. As they encouraged you and you developed greater ability they allowed responsibility to slowly shift to you. A couple of weeks go by, and low and behold, a whole new world has opened up in front of you. You zip around like never before. You now ride to school and get all the way to Joey’s house without begging mom for a ride. Greater freedom - a better life - with just a few new skills

Vital Life Coaching - Encouraging, verbal support for developing a deeper, healthier experience of one’s body and life. In healing, there seems to be a delicate boundary in having verbal conversation. Talking can be critical to assist a person in understanding a system to integrate a new action in life. Yet, we typically would not tell someone what we think they should do. Truly, a fine line. Healing is a person’s inner journey of discovery but, leaving everything a mystery can create slow movement or no movement at all. This can be discouraging for the person walking their path. One of the things I love about how we coach people is that we are very sensitive in helping people lean into their growth edge and discerning if there is a valuable lesson in them uncovering the mystery or not

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