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Elan Healing Level 2 program - Vital Life Coaching

The Lv2 program is designed for a person to deeply understand why they are on the planet and to gently hold them accountable for their forward progress toward that aim. This is a two month, on-line mentoring module, though sometimes it takes longer due your particular needs. Decades of assisting people with attaing their goals, suggests that the Lv1 experience is necessary to deeply extract your realization of you best life. The cost of the Lv1 program is included in the price of this program.

Here are the componets of the Vital Life Coaching program.

DISC Assessment

Understanding Ones Style

Getting deep insight into a persons style, is of fantastic value. A person who is detail oriented and shy requires significantly different coaching than an outgoing, carefree person. This is what is ment by style - how do you behave, get along with others, handle pressure just to name a few. Your style, you understanding your style can absolutly change your life for the better. It gets our coaching headed in the best direction, because we know what style of person we are working with.

Primary Aim

The two best days of ones life are the day they were born and the day they discover why.

A persons primary aim is a deep understanding of who they are at their core. As one knows this and acts in alignment with knowing, they have an advantage in life. This advantage plays out in many domains of life; physical health, mental health, prosperity, spiritual fulfillment, effective parenting, and significantly better relationships. Our job as coaches is to help people discover their true mission in life, fore if we know this we can help people have a life they love.

An Understanding of Values

What do you honestly value

We all value differing things, this is natural. Some value being fit and strong, some value comfort and pleasure, others value intensity and stress. Understanding your values, honestly, will shape the direction of your life significantly. Values have the tendancy to be held deeply within a person. As values come to the surface we can ajust the speed, rhythm, and vastness of an individuals mission.

Personal Objective Process

Your rewards - Your gains

Here we go deeply into what are you going to gain from being on purpose, and giving your gifts. Not everything in life is about tangible results, matter of fact the best of life is intangible. But, here we are in the physical world and physical, monetary results are not to be ignored. The personal objective process takes a deep dive into what you want, how you want to serve drawing significantly from the previous modules in this program.

Strategic Objective Process

The 30,000 foot view

The strategic objective process is designed specifically to easily create a birds-eye view of your business-so you can see the whole thing! This is really exciting because if you can see it, you can build it. Building step by step, using proven methods so the project never gets overwhelming.

Embracing Your Shadow

Honoring your darkness so it wont rule you

Your ability to be honest with yourself will make a significant difference in this exercise. If you will allow yourself to acknowledge that there is a part of you that you want to keep hidden form others and learn to not entirely push is away, your shadow will lose power over you.  Generally, those who do not believe they have a dark side are controlled the most by it.

Your Life Goals

97% of the most fulfilled people write down their goals

This is such a simple process that delivers fantastic results. So simple in fact that most people in our world wont do it. How could something so simple do any good. I remember the first time is wrote down my 100 goals, it was actually quite challenging. Took a bit of time, had to dig deep. Within 4 years 93 of the goals had manifested. 

The Star-ship

One needs a vehicle to travel in

The Star-ship is your vehicle, your business, that we help you build and fly toward your primary aim. There is a fair amount of coaching required for this step included in this program. Attempting to build a vehicle to your best life without going through the previous steps is most likely going to end in failure. Success is step by step! Knowing who you are, why you are here, what you want, knowing yourself, your vision is where the journey begins.

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