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Wellness Mastery - Module 3
Child Development

Module 3:  Child Development (8 hours video & Printable Manual)

  1. Basic Fetal Development

    • Conception- egg meets sperm

      • Ectoderm- forms the nervous system and skin

      • Mesoderm- forms the connective tissue, bone, muscles, blood & vessels

      • Endoderm- forms the digestive, respiratory & urogenital systems

  2. First Trimester

    • Conception-4 weeks:<1/10” long, CNS begins, heart & lungs begin, amniotic sac forms

    • Weeks 4-8: <1” long, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth forming, arms & legs can move, heart bear is detectable

    • Week 8-12:~3” long, ~1oz, finger prints are present, smiles, frowns, can suckle, swallow & the gender is apparent

  3. Second Trimester

    • Easiest on mother & baby- involves increasing the size of the fetus and further development of organs; hearing, taste & smell can be experienced by the fetus

  4. Third Trimester

    • More growth; fetus can hear language, differentiate people

      • Brain doubles in size in final 6 weeks as adds connections for balance, coordination & learning of social interacion

      • At birth the baby has 200,000,000,000 neurons, of which 50% will be pruned leaving toddler with 100,000,000,000 to hard-wire their perception of reality & coordinated motor abilities

  5. Quiet…time to investigate

  6. Let them get dirty!

  7. Eye Contact

    • Let them break eye contact first…they are learning volumes

      • About what it is to be human, discovering safety or anxiety, trust or not

  8. The Top Regrets of the Dying

  9. Probable Destinations

    • Educated Intelligence~ Have-Do-Be…leads to ordinary living

    • Body Wisdom~ Be-Do-Have…leads to extraordinary living

  10. Neonatal Success

    • Safety of the upper cervicals, brainstem and spinal cord

  11. Neonatal Injury

    • Damage to the upper cervicals, brainstem and spinal cord

    • SIDS

  12. Allopathic Model Vs Chiropractic Model

    • A comparison of 200 MD kids with 200 DC kids

      • Chiropractors kids healthier in every category measured

    • 1 in 8 children has asthma

    • 20 million Americans suffer from asthma

    • 12 people die every day from asthma

    • Antibiotic use & asthma

    • Tylenol & asthma

    • Inhalers & asthma related death

    • 4/5 of asthma related deaths due to medical treatment

    • Asthma & chiropractic care

  13. The Webster Breech Technique

  14. Competency begins at conception

    • Foundations 1

      • No intelligence or ability will unfold UNTIL/UNLESS given the appropriate environment

    • Foundations 2

      • The fetal heart begins forming within a few days of conception

    • Foundations 3

      • Brain construction begins at conception & isn’t complete until age 25!

    • Foundations 4

      • The great clean up at age 11-unmyelinated structures are “dissolved”- up to 80% of brains weight!

      • Myelinated structures are preserved…use it or lose it.

  15. Unconscious & Uncomfortable

    • Without the proper stimulation/environment, the neocortex fails to develop as nature intended

    • A thick cortex- comes from an enriched environment

      • A thicker cortex allows one to perceive inner & outer reality with greater resolution & clarity

      • Nature provides the most enriched environment

  16. 4 Intelligences

    • The Educated Intellect

      • The conglomeration of information you have assimilated

        1. Human trait, governed by IQ, programmable, strives for novelty & possibility, masculine brain- analytical, logical, linear, science & technology oriented

        2. Primary question:Is it possible?

    • Nurtured Intelligence

      • The emotional intelligence that unfolds in bodied individuals

        1. Strives for well-being, desires continuity, heart oriented, feminine brain-intuitive, mysterious, interior life, seeking balance, restraint, wisdom, wholeness

        2. Primary question:Is it appropriate?

    • Innate Intelligence

      • The intelligence that makes your body-mind function

        1. Always doing its job with the resources it has

        2. Can be improved or impaired by reducing or increasing the“friction” in the system

    • Body Wisdom

      • The information that the body sends you

        1. Can be overridden, cannot be programmed, does not lie, clarity & amplitude can be enhanced

        2. Access & untilization contributes significantly to the healing journey

  17. Construction of Clarity

    • Evolution progresses from the concrete to the abstract~ Jean Piaget

    • We go from low resolution to higher resolution

    • Game Play 1

      • Game playing progresses from playing with self, to playing games with mother figure, to playing games with others

    • Game Play 2

      • As one ages games get more complex

  18. The Triune Brain

    • The Hindbrain/Reptilian Brain

      • For survival, fast reactive action, oldest brain system

    • The Midbrain/Limbic System

      • Transforms crude instincts of reptilian brain into a more flexible & intelligent behavior

      • Controls emotion, learning, memory, personality, temperament & regulates body’s innate curative properties

      • Ties the three brains together into a unit

    • The Prefrontal Cortex/New Brain

      • Provides intellect, creative thinking & computing

      • If developed:sympathy, empathy, compassion & love

      • If not given appropriate stimuli & safety to develop, sections of the cortex will not develop

  19. Modern Birth

    • According to Freud, babies are born 3 months premature

    • According to Joseph Chilton Pearce, this is due to our own barbaric birth practices that cause the developmental delays we’ve “normalized”.

  20. Ideal Birth

    • Initiated by the infant

    • Completion- birth is not complete until the adrenal hormones decrease

    • Homebase is at the left breast

      • This position unlocks a cascade of overlapping functions designed to assure cessation of adrenal hormone production & successful adaptation to the new environment

      • Activates the five senses

      • Activates heart-to-heart infant-mother dynamic

  21. Nursing vs Formula

  22. Typical Birth

    • Prolonged adrenal hormone levels due to excessively stressful birth

      • Delays completion- senses remain dormant

      • If too prolonged may result in shock and even death

  23. Autonomic Nervous System Development

    • The parasympathetic nervous system develops before the sympathetic nervous system

      • Proper development of the parasympathetic NS requires a safe & nurturing environment

      • Birth trauma and parental neglect are destructive to the proper formation of the parasympathetic NS which can result in life long challenges

  24. Hospital Birth/Bond Breaking

    • Hospital births went from 30 to 97% during WWII

    • Eye drops at birth

    • Many advantages to co-sleeping

      • Baby feels safest close to mamma.Mamma feels most relaxed with baby close

      • Convenient for nursing

      • Everyone gets the most rest possible…

  25. The Importance of Play

    • The foundation of play is story telling.Story telling develops imagination.Imagination creates mental resiliency, flexibility, endurance and develops the pathways for gratification postponement.

    • Image creation is the foundation of future symbolic & metaphoric though…which leads to operational thinking, higher mathematics, science, philosophy…higher mentation.

      • Each brain has its own form of imagery:

        1. Reptilian brain- physical images of outer environment

        2. Limbic brain- dreamlike images

        3. Neocortex- abstract images

  26. Play’s End

    • The replacement of play with the screen

      • Screens have largely replaced story telling & family conversations-resulting in less play, less inner imagery, creativity, abstraction & critical thinking;it pairs stimulus and response

      • Lowered inner imaging capacity leaves most of the brain unemployed…

    • Over supervised play has replaced child’s play

  27. Destructive to Child Development

    • Be aware of what the culture wants for your kids.

      • Often before leaving the hospital after birth, without anesthetic, strapped down…

    • Proximal Abandonment

      • The lack of presence, though physically near by.

  28. Development of the Spinal Curves

    • Detriments of devices assisting in sitting or standing before structures are ready for those forces…and the development of scoliosis

  29. Productive to Child Development

    • All humans require:

      • Constancy/Safety

      • Variation/Chaos

      • Significance

      • Love/Connection

    • Requirements for future spiritual fulfillment

      • Personal growth

      • Contribution

  30. Cross Crawl

    • Develops the corpus callosum, a midbrain structure that connects the left and right hemispheres.The more developed, the better the coordination between hemispheres, leads to better balance, coordination, greater symmetry between artistic creative nature and analytical capacity

    • Let them learn on their own at their own pace

  31. Rough and Tumble Play

    • Importance of Dad!

  32. The short summary:

    • Breast feed (for a reasonable amount of time)

    • Maintain eye contact

    • Touch, touch, touch…move those joints

    • Let them get in the dirt

    • Play, play and more play

    • Keep them on the ground…cross crawl, and walk on their own

    • Let them explore and experience nature.

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