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Wellness Mastery - Module 1
Wellness Education

Module 1:  Wellness Education (16 hours video & Printable Manual)

  1. The 5 Apparent Truths for Life

  2. Mechanistic VS Vitalistic Viewpoints

    • The body is the sum of its parts, or

    • The body is more than the sum of its parts

  3. Historical Perspectives

    • History of American Medicine

    • Chiropractic History

  4. The Medical Story is Great Business

    • America is Sick

  5. There is a Health Care Crisis

    • Health Care is Not Sick Care

    • Elan Healing:A New Destination for Health Care

  6. Elan Healing System Foundations

    • What is Life…

    • What is Success…

    • The 5 Intelligences

      • Universal, Educated, Nurtured, Innate Intelligences and Body Wisdom

    • Your Biology Reflects Your Biography

    • The Role of Healing Facilitators

      • The Leaders Role

    • An Aligned Overview

    • The Purpose of Healing

      • Healing is Your Inner Journey of Discovery

    • The Elan Components

    • The 3 Territories of Experience

    • Elan on

      • The Meaning We Prescribe

      • Achieving Success

      • Relationships

      • Choosing Solutions

      • What We Avoid

      • Supreme Agency

      • Emotion

      • Symptoms and Disease

    • Our Bodies are Amazing

    • Wellness is the Objective

    • Inner Clarity Creates Outer Beauty

    • Ease Delivers Clarity

    • The Necessity of Growth

    • We get more of what we focus on

    • Sick-Sick vs health-sick

    • Transcending vs Transformation

    • The Hierarchy of Needs

    • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

  7. Benefits of Elan Care

    • Revitalization Care

    • Transformational Care

    • The Importance of Research

    • Quality of Life



The cultural story is that you reside within a weak, genetic accident that is prone to failure.  When your fragile body fails, it is not your fault- there are amazing doctors who will fix you.  One of the primary jobs of the healing facilitator is to prove to the practice member that you are powerful beyond comprehension. 

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