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What People Say

I thought I was ‘playing out the cards that life had dealt to me. Now I can see that I had attracted people into my life who had similar issues. I had substituted trying to ‘fix ‘ their issues because I could not comprehend my own. It was sort of like shadow-boxing. It was not an effective way of living and it all looks rather twisted from where I stand now. Using the tools I have acquired through ELAN care, I have made huge strides forward that were gentle, it was not until I took time to look back that I realized how far I have come in such a short period of time. I totally can appreciate why they call their practice “Graceful Heath” when I see how much more graceful I have become in living my life. My relationship to myself and to the other people in my life has been and continues to be completely transformed.  Siri B.


I have never been, or felt, more whole in myself or known who I am so truly since I have been in your care.  KH


Today, I feel an energy of love I have never felt before, a deep connection, a knowingness at spirit level - an acceptance, just pure sweet love. It is beyond words.  I have not felt as centered, content, or just plain happy… EVER!  K.P.


I tell everyone that this is the most effective and amazing thing I have ever experienced— and ‘experience’ is the operative word here.  There is no part of their life or their being that will not benefit from this wonderful care.  CC

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